Broderick's Story

I started taxidermy work on a few birds back in 1977 and 1978 for the Northwestern School of Taxidermy. While working for a textile company and finishing up school, I continued to play around with taxidermy. By 1982 I was mounting deer, fish, African Animals, birds and other trophies, which led to my being asked to work for a well-known taxidermist in my area. I had been working with him for about a year when I entered a L.S. White Deer in the local competition and I won a Blue Ribbon and a Peoples Choice Award. After that I went on to win many other awards including three in a world competition. 

In 1987 I left the job I loved to start Broderick Head’s Taxidermy. I rented a building from 1988 to 1998 then moved to 103 Deer Run Lane, in Bremen. I am currently now located N. Hwy 27, Roopville.

I have mounted animals for people in the Atlanta area and also all over the world.  Over the years I have mounted animals of all kinds and our Taxidermy is one of the few taxidermists that has mounted the Big 5:


I have traveled to Africa to study these animals in their natural habitats.

"I have enjoyed my life as a Master Taxidermist and love to put animals back as close as I can to what God has created in nature… only God can do it better. I have been a member of SCI and NWTF and am a lifetime member of the NTA. God has given me this talent to be an artist with nature and I feel I am blessed."
Head's Taxidermy is now in there 39th year.